Frostburg State University Biotechnology Training Center

The Frostburg State University Biotechnology Training Center is housed in Tawes Hall 137. This new facility is operated by the 14 faculty members of the Biology Department who have a variety of biotechnology research interests. Funding for equipment and lab renovations was provided by a matching grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (contract #MD12452-96), the Frostburg State University Biology Department, and the School of Natural and Social Sciences.

This state of the art laboratory was designed to provide a center for biotechnology education and training in Western Maryland.  It may also serve as a focal point from which to increase awareness of the potential for biotechnology industry in the region.

The missions of the Frostburg State University Biotechnology Center are as follows:

The instruments available in this facility allow the faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students to perform a variety of procedures commonly used in biotechnology industries, including Tissue Culture, Immunology, HPLC, Spectrophotometry, Population Genetics Analysis, Plant Taxonomy, Protein Biochemistry, Electrophoresis, including SDS-PAGE and DNA Sequencing, and other aspects of Molecular Biology.

For more information contact:
Biology Department
Address: Tawes Hall 128
Phone: 301-687-4166
FAX: 301-687-3034
e-mail: D2PCELR@fra00.fsu.umd.edu
Dr. David Morton
Address: Tawes Hall 140
Phone: 301-687-4355
FAX: 301-687-3034
e-mail: dmorton@frostburg.edu
Dr. William L. Seddon
Address: Tawes Hall 145
Phone: 301-687-4707
FAX: 301-687-3034
e-mail: wseddon@frostburg.edu

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