How can I find compound names from trade names?

This is a question posed on a lab sheet for a chemistry class my older son is taking. He has looked everywhere for a definition of the word "cardamist," to no avail. He has searched numerous sites on the Internet as well as reference sources. Can you help?
Mary Shipps 02/05/99

I wasn't able to find the definition of this word in any online dictionary, or using any of the popular search engines or free chemical databases online.

However, I very quickly learned that "Cardamist" is a trade name for nitroglycerin from the Merck Index, a one-volume encyclopedia of chemicals and drugs. See Merck's web site for further information. The Index is available online from three different agencies, for a fee.

Other trade names for nitroglycerin are Angiolingual, Anginine, Angorin, Gilucor nitro, Klavi cordal, Myoglycerin, Nitrobidol, Nitroglyn, Nitrolingual, Nitromel, Nitrong, Nitrorectal, Nysconitrine, Perglottal, Sustack, and Vasoglyn.

Author: Fred Senese

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