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Chemistry:Matter and Its ChangesChemistry: Matter and Its Changes, 4th edition
James E. Brady, Fred Senese
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (2004)
Hardcover, 1205 pages
ISBN: 0471215171
Analyzing and Solving Chemistry ProblemsAnalyzing and Solving Chemistry Problems
James E. Brady, Fred Senese
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (2003)
Softcover, 88 pages
ISBN: 0471254967

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The Poisoned Needle
How separation technologies helped solve a deadly mystery.
Isomer Construction Set
Build all the isomers of octane, starting from propane.
Water to Wine
How can nearly identical pigments make roses red and violets blue?
A molecular view of acid-base indicator color changes.
Fire and Spice
What makes hot peppers hot? The molecular basis of flavor.
The Bliss Molecule
What do chocolate cravings, forgetful mice, blissful pigs,
and fertility have in common?

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