Where can I find recipes for growing pretty crystals?


These Web sites can show you how to grow crystals and crystal gardens using simple materials and equipment.

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make In Your Kitchen (Brian Carusella)
"A sort of warped semi-scientific cookbook of tricks, gimmicks, and pointless experimentation, concoctions, and devices, using, for the most part, things found around the house." The chemistry section includes classics like glue from milk, humidity indicators, slime, play dough, invisible ink, stupid egg tricks, crystal gardens, and electric lemons.
http://freeweb.pdq.net/headstrong/Default.htm (4/15/98)

Crystal Creations (Exploratorium)
Basic illustrated recipe for growing Epsom salt crystals, suitable for children. Follow the "Complexity" link at the bottom of the page for pictures of salt crystal stalactites and stalagmites grown with hanging cotton strings.
http://www.exploratorium.edu/science_explorer/crystal.html (12/26/99)

Crystal Recipes (Allan Campbell)
These recipes for growing crystals and crystal gardens are a great way to spark a child's interest in chemistry. The alum, salt, sugar, and Epsom salt recipes can easily be performed by children with supervision, but don't let them handle the moderately toxic potassium ferricyanide, copper acetate monohydrate and calcium copper acetate hexahydrate crystals and solutions.
http://www.chemistry.co.nz/crystal_recipes.htm (12/26/99)

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