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Quiz 1
Answer each question by selecting the choice that is most correct (there will not be more than one correct answer). Press the Submit button on the bottom of this page to see your score.

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1. A sudden surge in the concentration of thiosulfate ions in geyser water may be a sign that a volcanic eruption is imminent. The thiosulfate ion is:
S2O32- SO42- SO32- S2O42- S2O4-
2. If the selenate ion has formula SeO42-, the selenite ion might be:
SeO4- SeO52- SeO32- SeO43- SeO4+2
3. Deadly lead(II) acetate is sometimes called "sugar of lead" because it has a very sweet taste (it was once used to sweeten wine!) Lead(II) acetate is written as
PbC2O4 PbC2H3O2 Pb(C2H3O2)2 Pb(C2O4)2
4. Veterinarians administer an 0.2 percent potassium permanganate solution to dogs, cows, and horses as an antidote for plant alkaloid poisoning. A bottle that contains potassium permanganate solution might be labelled
K2MnO4 KMnO4 KMnO3 K2MnO3 KMgO4
5. NaClO4 is used to manufacture explosives. NaClO is the active ingredient in Chlorox bleach. The names of the anions in these compounds are, respectively,
tetroxychlorine and monoxychlorine
hyperchlorite and hypochlorite
chlorate and chlorite
perchlorate and hypochlorite
quadrochloroxide and monochloroxide
exochloride and endochloride
6. Which of the following is the bisulfate ion?
HSO4- SO42- (SO42-)2 S2O82- S2O32-
7. Ammonium nitrate is used as a fertilizer by farmers and as an explosive by terrorists. The formula of ammonium nitrate is
8. Phosphate ion is the most common
+1 anion -2 anion -1 anion +1 cation -3 anion
9. The SCN- ion is called the
cyanate ion thiocyanate ion cyanide ion thiocyanide ion thiocyanite ion sulfurocyanide ion
10. The prefix per- means an ion containing:
less oxygen than the hypo-ite form
less oxygen than the -ate form
less oxygen than the -ite form
more oxygen than the -ate form
more oxygen than the super- form

General Chemistry Online! Quiz 1

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