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Salt (Mrbloch Archive) (David Bloch)
The natural history of salt, including sections on salt physiology, geology, archaeology, palaeoclimatology, production, influences in religion and economics, uses of salt, and more. (02/18/00)

What is Salt? (The Salt Institute)
Frequently asked questions about salt, including information about chemical and physical properties, structure, toxicity, industrial uses, mining, and manufacture. (12/04/98, 12/17/99)

Why are table salt crystals of uniform size? If you grow crystals, their size is all over the map, so how is this uniformity achieved commercially? Sieves?
garicao, 10/24/99

Larger crystals are crushed; the cleavage lines are at right angles and the fragments are roughly cubic. Crushing results in a distribution of sizes so the salt is sieved to obtain uniform particle size.

See Scientist/Imagemakers for a picture of table salt crystals magnified 35x. You can see that the sizes of the crystals vary, even after sieving.

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