What is a safe replacement for CCl4?

I am a high school chemistry teacher. For years, we have done a halogen/halide replacement lab to show periodic properties (reactivity). We have always used carbon tetrachloride as the organic solvent to separate the halogen and halide layers. We can no longer use this solvent. Do you know of a "safe" replacement organic solvent that works well with this type of lab?
Kim Anderson

Try mineral oil. You can also use hexaneMSDS, tolueneMSDS or cyclohexaneMSDS as a substitutes for carbon tetrachloride for separating halogens from halides, although these are not absolutely "safe" substitutes. All are much safer than toxic, carcinogenic, ozone destroying carbon tetrachlorideMSDS for your application.

Take a look at the Research Triangle Institute's Solvent Alternatives Guide for an expert system that provides non-ozone depleting alternatives for solvents. It contains several links to similar sites.

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