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The law of fixed composition

Portrait of John Dalton

Quiz: Dalton's Atomic Theory

1. Dalton said that elements are different distinguished from each other by:
the weights of their atomsthe charge on their ions
the density of their solid formsthe shapes of their atoms
2. Dalton viewed chemical change as:
a change of atoms from one type into anothera transfer of electrons
creation and destruction of atomsa rearrangement of atoms
a transfer of protonsa nuclear exchange
3. Dalton based his relative atomic weight scale on:
4. When elements react, their atoms combine in:
arbitrary proportions
1:1 ratios
simple whole number ratios (more than one possible)
a simple whole number ratio (unique for each pair of elements)
5. Hydrogen combines with fluorine in a 1:19 weight ratio to form hydrogen fluoride. If every molecule of hydrogen fluoride contains one atom of hydrogen and one atom of fluorine, an atom of fluorine must weigh:
1/38 times the mass of a hydrogen atom38 times the mass of a hydrogen atom
19 times the mass of a hydrogen atom1/19 times the mass of a hydrogen atom

Dalton's Atomic Theory
Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Dalton's assumptions Five steps forward and one step back.
Page 3: Atoms in compounds An "invisible hand" fixes atom ratios in compounds
Page 4: Atoms in reactions Dance of the atoms
Page 5: Learning check Take a quiz on Dalton's Atomic Theory
Page 6: References and resources

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