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Quiz: Interpret formulas
1. The total number of atoms in 10 molecules of CO2 is:
3010none of these203
2. The number of carbon atoms in 5 molecules of oxalic acid, H2C2O4, is
3. In four molecules of sulfuric acid, H2SO4, there are:
16 atoms total8 H atoms; 4 S atoms; 16 O atoms.
4 atoms total.4 H atoms; 4 S atoms; 4 O atoms.
2 H atoms; 1 S atom; 4 O atoms.
4. The number of hydrogen atoms in 8 molecules of methanol, CH3OH, is
8342432none of these
5. The deadly nerve gas tabun, (CH3)2NP(O)(C2H5O)(CN), was manufactured by the Germans in World War II but never used. A sample containing traces of tabun is found to contain 2.4 x 1019 nitrogen atoms. The maximum number of tabun molecules that the sample could contain is:
1.2 x 10192.4 x 1019none of these0.9 x 10194.8 x 1019
6. Realgar, As2S2, is a soft red-orange mineral that was once used in colored fireworks. An explosion that releases a million atoms of arsenic could contain how many molecules of realgar?
1 x 1062 x 1052 x 1065 x 1051 x 105
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