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Quiz: Scientific method
1. The statement, "A chemical reaction never creates products that weigh more or less than the reactants", is based on three centuries of experimental observation. The statement is an example of:
a theorya datuma hypothesisa law
2. The statement, "Osmium has a density of 22.59 g/mL, which makes it the densest element known" is an example of:
a hypothesisan experimental observation
a lawa theory
3. Which of the following statements is a law?
An egg cooked for 27 minutes in Baltimore was badly overcooked.
Higher altitude means lower boiling points for water, all other things held equal.
An egg takes less time to cook in Baltimore than in Denver.
An egg cooks in 17 minutes at sea level.
4. A number of people become ill after eating dinner in a restaurant. Which of the following statements is a hypothesis?
Everyone who ate oysters got sick.
The cooks felt really bad about it.
Symptoms include nausea and dizziness
Bacteria in the oysters may have caused the illness.
People got sick whether the oysters were raw or cooked.
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