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Construction Kits

Construction Kits let you assemble problem solutions, chemical formulas, chemical equations, and other chemical objects piece by piece or step by step. You'll need Macromedia's free Flash Player to use them. Flash Player comes pre-installed with most modern browsers, but if you're using an older browser you may need to download Flash Player here (version 6 or better is required).

These kits appear courtesy of John Wiley and Sons, publisher of Chemistry: Matter and its Changes. The kits are prototypes for the more polished media used on Wiley's textbook site (http://www.wiley.com/college/brady).

Chemical Equation Construction Kit This kit will help you build balanced chemical equations from word descriptions of chemical reactions. The formulas, reactions, and word descriptions are randomly generated- hundreds of reactions are possible. This version of the kit generates only precipitation reactions.


Unit Conversion Construction Kit
This kit coaches you through solutions for unit conversion problems that you enter yourself. Problems that involve compound units, powers of units, and series of conversions are possible.

The kit helps you analyze the problem by breaking complex conversions down into simpler parts, and by helping you search for 'critical links' between the starting and target units.

You are then asked to choose unit relationships from a list; the path from the starting units to the target is shown graphically.

Once you've chosen the list of relationships you'll need, the final solution is assembled piece by piece as a string of conversion factors. The kit shows which units 'cancel' in the setup as you build it.


Ionic Compound Construction Kit
Build an ionic compound formula, using elemental or polyatomic ions. You'll use an ion balance to find an electrically neutral combination of ions. The formula for the compound is written step by step from the formulas for the ions.


General Chemistry Online! Construction Kits

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