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Popup periodic table Popup Periodic Table     Download Zipfile

Retrieve atomic numbers, atomic weights, melting points, boiling points, common oxidation states, and notes on the appearance of each element as you select elements from this simple periodic table. The table is sized to fit a default browser window comfortably, and (being JavaScript) can be downloaded and used offline.
Browser requirements: Javascript 1.1 or better.
Updated: 2/20/00.

Graphpad GraphPad

GraphPad builds a simple graph from your laboratory data and emails a GIF file to you for inclusion in your reports or Web pages. Simple linear regression is included.
Browser requirements: Any graphical browser; no Javascript or Java required. Active Internet connection.

Gas Law Calculator

Solve the ideal gas, van der Waals, and Dieterici equations of state for pressure, volume, temperature, or moles in a variety of convenient units. Semiempirical parameters are computed from critical point data- a database of common gases is included in the script, but you can input your own critical point data if you wish. The Boyle temperature and the critical compressibility factor are computed for the semiempirical equations, as well.
Browser requirements: Javascript 1.1 or better.

Water Vapor Pressure/ Oxygen Solubility Calculator

A quick DO calculator based on empirical functions for oxygen solubility taken from Standard Methods for Waste and Wastewater Analysis. Enter the barometric pressure in torr, and the water temperature in °C. Hit the Calculate button to see the saturated water vapor pressure and the predicted DO concentration.
Browser requirements: Javascript 1.1 or better.

Water Properties Calculator

Calculates the density, specific heat, and vapor pressure of pure, air-free water at 1 atm for temperatures from 0°C to 100°C, using 5-point Lagrange interpolation from data tables.
Browser requirements: Javascript 1.1 or better.

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