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Got a general chemistry question? Antoine may be able to help. First, check the archive of more than 400 previously answered questions- your answer may already be here.

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Where can I find compound properties?
Where can I find the formula for a compound from its name?
Where can I find the definition for a chemical term?
Moles confuse me- why are they used?
What household substances can be used as acid-base indicators?
What elements are liquid at or around room temperature?

Favorite questions
How do antiseptic soaps work?
How is coffee decaffeinated?
Why do Mentos™ mints foam when you drop them into soda pop?
How do chemical heatpacks work?

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Chemistry in perspective, the scientific method, on being a scientist, ...
SI units, unit conversion, significant figures, ...
Properties, classification, separation of mixtures, ...
Atoms, elements, and ions
Dalton's atomic theory, isotopes, mass spectrometry, ...
Molecules and compounds
Chemical formulas, nomenclature, elemental analysis, ...
Reactions in solution
Equation balancing, classifying reactions, ...
Limiting reagents, percent yields, ...
Properties, empirical gas laws, kinetic-molecular theory, ...
Energy & chemical change
Heat, enthalpy, Hess's law, calorimetry, ...
Quantum theory
Electromagnetic radiation, wave/particle duality, photoelectric effect, ...
Electrons in atoms
Line spectra, quantum numbers, atomic orbitals, electron configurations,...
The periodic table
Periodic trends, element properties, ...
Chemical bonding
Ionic vs. covalent bonding, VSEPR, valence bond theory, molecular orbitals, ...
Types of solids, crystal systems, defects, ...
Capillary rise, surface tension, vapor pressure, ...
Ideal vs. nonideal solutions, colligative properties, concentrations, ...
Acids and bases
pH, pKa, indicators, computing titration curves, ...
Redox reactions
Half reactions, electrochemistry, hydrogen peroxide reactions, titrations w/ starch and iodine, ...
Reaction rates
Reaction rates, mechanisms, catalysis, ...
Consumer chemistry
The chemistry of everyday things and products
Environmental chemistry
Global warming, acid rain, pesticide chemistry, ...
Organic chemistry
Essential nomenclature, simple reactions, ...
Inorganic chemistry
Essential nomenclature, synthesis, ...
Polymer properties, structures, reactions, synthesis, ...
Laboratory practices
Safety, technique, maintenance, ...
History of chemistry
Biographies, time lines, ...
Questions that defy classification!

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