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Quiz: The Scientific Method
Random quiz on recognizing and distinguishing laws, hypotheses, theories, and observations.
/chem/senese/101/intro/scimethod-quiz.shtml (8/14/98)


Quiz: Significant Figures
A general quiz on significant figures.
/chem/senese/101/measurement/sigfig-quiz.shtml (01/15/00)

Tutorial: Arithmetic with units
Focuses on units during addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of measurements. This tutorial is an essential preliminary for unit conversion; it does not cover the arithmetic of significant figures.
/chem/senese/101/measurement/index.shtml#arithmetic with units (3/24/98)

Tutorial: Introduction to unit conversion
Introduction to unit conversion using dimensional analysis. Covers the 5-step approach and includes several examples of serial conversions.
/chem/senese/101/measurement/index.shtml#intro to unit conversion (3/29/98)

Tutorial: Uncertainty in measurement
How uncertainty arises from length, temperature, and volume measurements. How to count significant figures for a single measurement and for a series of measurements. How to round measurements to the correct number of significant figures. A table of contents is available.


Quiz: Classifying properties
Classify properties as extensive, intensive, chemical, or physical.
/chem/senese/101/matter/classify-properties-quiz.shtml (9/12/98)

Quiz: Classifying matter
Classify matter as heterogeneous mixtures, homogeneous mixtures, compounds, or elements.
/chem/senese/101/matter/classify-matter-quiz.shtml (9/09/98)

Atoms & ions

Quiz: Dalton's atomic theory
Learning check for Dalton's atomic theory.
/chem/senese/101/atoms/dalton-quiz.shtml (10/05/99)


Quiz: Classifying compounds
Classify compounds as ionic or molecular.
/chem/senese/101/compounds/compound-classify-quiz.shtml (8/24/98)

Quiz: Names and formulas of polyatomic ions
Write the formulas of polyatomic ions from their names, and vice versa.
/chem/senese/101/compounds/polyatomic-quiz.shtml (7/29/98)

Quiz: Interpreting formulas
Understand the subscript notation for chemical formulas.
/chem/senese/101/compounds/interpret-formulas-quiz.shtml (8/12/98)

Isomer Construction Set
Your mission: build all the isomers of octane, starting from propane. A Chime version of this tutorial is in the works, but no plugins are required for this simple exercise.
/cgi-bin/senese/tutorials/isomer/index.cgi (4/19/98)

Chemical change

Quiz: Ionic equations
Write net ionic equations for chemical reactions, and recognize spectator ions.
/chem/senese/101/reactions/ionic-equations-quiz.shtml (10/07/98)


Quiz: Empirical gas laws
Applying Boyle's Law, Charles' Law, and Amonton's Law to real problems.
/chem/senese/101/gases/empirical-gas-law-quiz.shtml (4/22/99)

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