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Links to General Chemistry Online!

These sites have provided links to General Chemistry Online. If you've linked this site and don't appear on the list, please send the URL to senese@antoine.frostburg.edu.
Topmarks Education (Sue and Chris Spolton)
A database of high quality educational resources, organized by subject and age level.
Math/Science Gateway- Chemistry (Cornell Theory Center)
Selected resources for secondary science and math educators.
ChemCAI (Stephen Lower, Simon Fraser University)
A collection of instructional software and other resources for computer-assisted instruction in chemistry.
BioChemNet: General Chemistry (Dyann Schmidel)
The BioChemNet is a directory of excellent biology and chemistry educational resources online.
Chemistry Information Via the Internet (US FDA/CFSAN)
The Fire and Spice feature is linked on this list of food science sites maintained by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration and Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.
CORE: Chemistry/OhioLink Resource Explorer (Youngstown State University)
Funded by a grant from OhioLINK, CORE is an instructional Web site collaboratively developed by the chemistry faculty and library at Youngstown State University.
WWW Links for Chemists (University of Liverpool)
A comprehensive, searchable database of over 5000 links.
Chemistry, from the Mining Company (Alan Bruzel, the Mining Company)
An online column with selected links in chemistry.
Kathy Shrock's Guide for Educators (Kathy Shrock)
Selected links for K12 teachers.
World Lecture Hall: Chemistry (University of Texas)
Directory of online courses in chemistry.
Electronic Library Chemistry Classes (South Carolina University Library)
Directory of online courses in chemistry.
Chemical Web Marketing and Technology (ChemConnect)
Online journal for buyers and sellers in the chemical industry. (The popup periodic table used by General Chemistry Online was cited in a recent article about JavaScript applications in chemistry).
UK Chemistry Online (UNET)
Resources for chemistry in the UK.
Chemistry Library (University of Melbourne)
Useful chemistry resources selected by the Chemistry Library ath the University of Melbourne.
Dr. Barry O'Grady (University of Tasmania)
Dr. O'Grady says General Chemistry Online is "a useful source of information and help for all first year courses".
Chem 163 Home Page (Patrick Pinhero, Iowa State University)
A Web-enabled course in introductory chemistry at the University of Iowa.
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Resources on the Web (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Web resources in chemistry classified by subject.
Relating Atomic level, Atomic number, and the Quantum Numbers (Hanquing Wu, University of Wisconsin)
A demonstration of JavaScript applications in elementary quantum chemistry that references General Chemistry Online's popup periodic table script.
Planet Chemistry- Classes (Richard Stockton College)
Resources for Dr. Overly's Web-enabled chemistry program at Richard Stockton College.
Educational Resources in Chemistry (University of Maryland)
Internet resources in chemistry.
Chemistry Resources (Allan Campbell)
Science and chemistry resource site compiled for students at advanced secondary level.
Cool Web-Based Chemistry Learning Applets (Purdue)
Purdue lists the Uncertainty in Measurement tutorial in their collection of 'Cool Chemistry Learning Applets'.
Acid Base Indicators (David Dice)
A good introduction to acid-base indicator action, with a colorbar chart showing indicator colors at different pH levels. References the Water To Wine feature.
WWW Support Displays (MTU)
General Chemistry Online is listed as an example of a site using applets that allow prompt feedback between faculty and students.
Chemistry Webercises Directory (Steven Murov, Modesto Junior College)
A list of links for Wiley's Chemistry Webercises: Adventures and Challenges in Chemistry on the Internet.
Internet Resources Newsletter, Issue 42, March 1998 (Heriot-Watt University)
New and recent Internet resources are described.
The Homepage for Chemists (Stefan Knecht)
A searchable directory of reviewed chemistry resources on the Web.
ChemDex (Mark Winters, U. Sheffield)
All the chemistry sites on the Web known to Mark Winters, creator of WebElements.
Chemistry Links (Illinois State Academy of Science)
The Illinois State Academy of Science (ISAS) is affiliated with the Illinois State Museum in Springfield. ISAS is devoted to natural history studies.
Science: The Nature of Matter (Intech 2000)
Reviews of sites that can assist teachers in achieving specific educational objectives.
Chemistry Resources (Chemistry Club, University of Tasmania)
A jumplist of chemistry resources.
Physical Sciences and Chemistry (P. J. Hughes)
A jumplist of academic resources.
MRCLibrary Subject Webliography- Chemistry (Mount Royal College)
Web resources in chemistry classified by subject.
Chemistry (Univerity of Albany Library)
Web resources in chemistry classified by subject.
Science Site-Seeing (Maxwell Library, Winona State University Library)
Selected links in mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry.
Chemistry Subject Tree (Cleveland State University Library)
Web resources in chemistry classified by subject.
Chemistry at Centennial Library University of New Mexico)
Web resources in chemistry classified by subject.
The Learning Matters of Chemistry (Knowledge by Design)
An impressive collection of Java applets and Shockwave animations for chemical education.
Yahoo! Science:Chemistry:Courses (Yahoo.com)
Directory of online course pages in chemistry.
High School Chemistry Resources on the Web (Bob Jacobs)
An extensive link library for high school chemistry students.
Chemistry Courses (Handilinks)
A list of chemistry courses on the Web.
the Best Information on the Net (O'Keefe Library, St. Ambrose University)
A collection of chemistry links selected by librarians at St. Ambrose University.
World Chemistry Servers (ReLaQ)
A long list of chemistry-related servers, without annotations (but in alphabetical order).
High School Math and Science Sites- Chemistry (J. Brode)
Link library of introductory chemistry resources.
Raymond J. Condon Memorial Library- Chemistry (Labrador West, Memorial University
Link library of education resources.
Chemistry Resources on the WWW (Capitol Comm. Tech. College)
Link library of resources for chemical education.
Chimica Nova (Sigma)
The Isomer Construction Set is referenced in the News Shorts section.
Agriculture Weekly (Kathy Gill, The Mining Company)
The Mining Company's Agriculture site references the pH definition page.
Peppers (UWI, Mona, Jamaica)
Robert Lancashire's page on the chemistry of hot peppers references the Fire and Spice page.
Links to Resources (R. Horner, Fayetteville Technical Community College)
Selected resources to support a Web-enabled general chemistry course.
Student-Suggested Chemistry Sites (Michael Bishop
Chemistry resources for students selected by students, sponsored by Monterrey Peninsula College.
Free-Ed Chemistry (Free-Ed)
Free online courses delivered over the Internet, with no signups and no fees.
Resource Central- Chemistry
A link library of science and techology-related resources.
Chemistry (ChE Student Web, Auburn U.)
Chemistry resource list for chemical engineering students at Auburn.
Modern Alchemist (Will Dechant)
Lesson plans and resources for high school chemistry teachers.
Chemistry Home Page:Course Materials (S. Marsden)
Resources for A. P. chemistry students.
Nelson Chemistry (Allan Lariviere)
Textbook companion links, selected by a high school chemistry teacher.
Hot Links & Web Launch Pad (National Alliance for Secondary Science)
A list of selected starting points for science education surfs.
Biology/Chemistry Sites for Educators (Janet Harris, Kitsap School District)
Resources reviewed for use by teachers and students by Kitsap School District's Center for Instructional Technology.
Frank Potter's Science Gems (Frank Potter, University of California Irvine)
A link library of science resources.
Homework Help (Jeannine Kantz, Texas A&M)
MCP's Home Page ?
Educational resources for physics teachers (Zito Guiseppe)
Physics and general science resources.
School Links (Citizen's Communications)
List of homework help sites.
John Dalton (Russell McNeil)
A John Dalton bibliography that references General Chemistry Online's atomic theory section.
Chemistry Links (Marshall College)
A collection of links to introductory chemistry courses..
Chemistry Tutoring Links (Julie Shattack, Annandale Community College)
A small collection of chemistry links.
Course outline and resources for a Web-enabled high school chemistry course. Includes student-written concept maps.

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